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SIGFOX is a rapidly expanding Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology which is ideal for use in many IoT applications. A number of HATs and peripherals are available which can be used to bring SIGFOX connectivity to the UP Board. Most of these devices use a simple UART connection and will typically work out-of-the-box with the UP board. A list of those that have been verified with UP can be found below.

Further information on SIGFOX technology can be found at

Verified on UP



Please note that you must have an account on and you will need to register your RPISIGFOX device using the ID and PAC provided.

  • With the UP board powered off, plug the HAT on the 40-pin I/O header, making sure that the HAT connector is aligned to pin 1 on the 40-pin I/O header.
  • Download and rpisigfox Python library as follows:
  • Send a message, up to 12 bytes long in hex format, to the SIGFOX back-end server:
cd rpisigfox
python 001122334455668899AABBCC
  • Check that your message was received by logging on to, where you can retrieve the messages and other information from your device.