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This page contains information related to WiFi adapters on the UP (known working devices and any needed configuration steps).

Verified devices


Realtek WiFi dongle issues

Although the Realtek RTL8192CU chipset is very common (see this list), it still suffers from many known issues due to an unmaintained software stack.

Patched kernel driver

ubilinux bundles a script to install a modified version of the driver which fixes some of these. This fix, as well as more information about the driver and the issue itself, can be found on GitHub.

To install it, simply run:
sudo /opt/install_rtl8192cu_fixes.sh

Note that the script will automatically reboot the board once it's finished.

Patched hostapd for Access Point mode

This section assumes a working configuration for hostapd on a Debian-based machine. To learn how to setup and configure hostapd, see this guide.

To use these Realtek dongles in AP mode, a patched version of hostapd is needed as well. For convenience, a pre-patched package is available in the ubilinux package repository:

apt-get install hostapd-rtl871xdrv

If the unpatched Debian hostapd package was installed before, this will transparently replace it. Only one further change is needed on the hostapd configuration file. Find the line starting by driver=..., and modify it (or add it if not found) so that it reads:


hostapd should now work, after (re)starting the service.