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Operating Systems

BIOS Operating Systems and Software Summary Matrix

List of Operating Systems: Officially Supported and Community

Here there are the pages dedicated to the Officially Supported OSes:




Operating System Support

The support for Up board family is done through the forum.

For professional client is also available custom support and development.For more information please see the professional services page.

Requesting support for Linux OS

Before requesting support on the forum please be sure to be running an updated supported OS and BIOS.

On Ubilinux/Debian based distribution we provide a script to collect debug information from the system.

Please download it here extract and copy on the target machine.

After that you need to run it like

sudo ./ > debug.log

and include the generated debug.log file in the service request.

if the scripts complain about missing packages and exit you need to follow the instruction and install them

Development Kits

UP Squared AI Vision and Vision X Developer Kit
UP Squared RoboMaker Developer Kit

Virtualization/Container technologies

Projects that officially support UP SBCs:


Linux Kernel

Compile upboard-4.9 kernel from source

List of Linux Kernels: Officially Supported and Community

IoT Frameworks

AI Frameworks

Robotics Frameworks

Python Libraries

Javascript / Node.js Libraries

Media Center




Community Tutorial

Setting up display without edid

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass


IoT Examples